The Omron HJ-113 is a well kept secret.  It is very similar to the popularly known Omron HJ-112. However, the Omron HJ-113 costs about three dollars less on Amazon.

The Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer is a great motivational tool to track your distance, the number of steps you take and how many calories you burn. Its convenient memory function supports the management of daily walking. Hence, you can easily set and reach your daily goals. Moreover, Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer allows the user to place the pedometer in a pocket, bag or clip it to a belt when walking for added flexibility to count steps.

The Omron HJ-113 is the best alternative to the Omron HJ-112.

See the difference between the Omron HJ-113 and the Omron HJ-112.